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                     ...Internet Hosting Service!

From U.S.$3.99/month!

No intrusive Ads, no nonsense.

Including free POP3 E-mails

Best price/value in North America!

  Reliable Web Hosting...   
             50, 200, 500 or 1000 MB!

From $3.99/month!
Free POP3 Email.
High speed access.
Best price/value on the net!

SPAM Blocked
on our servers
when you Host with us!

Register your own Domain Name...
          Family name,
          Company name ...

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Technical Support will provide reasonable phone support between 8:00am and 8:00 pm (PST). We will also make all efforts to answer all customers questions and fulfill all customer requests within 24 hours of the issue being brought to us. We provide support by email. We are your contact to the networks and will communicate with them in a speedy fashion to fix all customers issues to the best of our ability and make you aware of all known issues prior to your customers contacting you with questions.
Reasonable support is deemed not to exceed one hour per month, but every reasonable effort shall be made to help the customer in excess of that amount in case of malfunctions or emergencies.

Service Level Agreement makes available to all customers a service level agreement pertaining to our equipment.  We guarantee 99% uptime within the year and 95%+ each month. If we fail to reach this percentage we agree to credit the customer back for services they have purchased according to the formula stated in the Agreement that is sent to you, at the time a service is purchased.
We pride ourselves on having high uptime and want you to be happy with all services purchased through

Privacy Policy

We regard our customers’ privacy as one of our most important values. We want you to know how we protect customer information and what choices you have about its use.
We believe our
Privacy Policy should give you confidence whenever you use services.

Privacy Cmmittment:

We are committed to protecting your personal privacy.
Our Privacy Policy summarizes and clarifies that commitment: how we safeguard your privacy, how we treat personal information, and what choices you have. We understand that for you to take full advantage of the benefits of the internet, we must do everything we can to ensure that your privacy is assured.

We use Google Checkout,
for your safety.

Basic Hosting Package(50MB  plus 1 FREE Pop3 E-mail box):
U.S.$3.99 per month!

Advanced Hosting Package (200MB plus 2 FREE Pop3 E-mail boxes):
U.S.$4.99 per month!

E-commerce Hosting Package (500MB plus 5 FREE Pop3 E-mail boxes):
U.S.$7.99 per month!

MultiMega Hosting Package (1000MB plus 10 FREE Pop3 E-mail boxes):
U.S.$11.99 per month!

Register Your Own Domain:
U.S.$11.99 per YEAR!


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